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So we all know that the guy who plays dudley’s 


grandad is patrick troughton (the second doctor)


but the guy who plays dean in harry potter/hot dead soldier in sherlock’s


dad is william russell (ian chesterton - companion to the first doctor)


hello welcome to britain where we just breed great actors

I think they miss the point where a large number of Troughton’s children and grandchildren are actors.  Hell, Patrick Troughton’s son, David Troughton, was in Doctor Who as well, in the episode, Midnight.

A Disney A Day 1: Sleeping Beauty

I’m not much of a reviewer, and in general I consider my creative writing skills to be very poor due to a lack of creativity, but I feel like I can’t have a day celebrating a movie without at least telling you why you should watch it and what could’ve been better.  But due to my lack of skill, I shall do this in a more point-like format, so, without further ado, I present:

A Sort Of Review

Why you should watch Sleeping Beauty:

- Gorgeous music.  Though it only has a few lyricised songs, Sleeping Beauty has a beautiful soundtrack, partly due to the inspiration that the score takes from the ballet of the same name.  With regards to lyricised songs, the voice of Aurora, Mary Costa, is a divine singer, and is well worth the listen.

- Lovely background animation.  I have a great appreciation for the way the main characters are animated, but I think what really recommends the film is the stylistic background animation (at least in the updated version that I own), which is really quite charming, and actually suits the aesthetic of the film quite well.

- The characters are really intriguing.  The majority of the characters actually have really interesting personalities, but the film is structured in such a way that they don’t really get explored fully.  Which leads us to:

The problems I have with the film:

- The fairies are really annoying.  I don’t know if this is a popular opinion, but it’s one that I hold, and it’s a problem when they’re the characters with the most screentime and lines.

- The film is a bit thin on plot.  So, it has the sleeping beauty plot.  But that’s actually not substantial enough to hold a film the length of Sleeping Beauty together.  Which leads to my last point…

- The entire second half of the film is a bit bland and crap.  I mean in particular when Aurora falls into her sleep onwards.  The actually quite interesting main characters have absolutely no lines, and it’s mostly Phillip getting his save thing on.  But it’s really not very fun to watch.

Disney a Day 1: Sleeping Beauty

Favourite Expressions, featuring mainly Aurora.

Gosh, Aurora and Phillip are underappreciated as far characterisation and expression goes, but dayum did those animators know how to draw interesting faces.  Aurora is the queen of ‘I know you’re hiding something’ and ‘stop shitting me’ looks, and Phillip is so good at sarky grins.  I have a special love for the shot with Phillip and Aurora together, because it feels as if he’s going ‘AMIRITE?’ and she’s going ‘please, just, go away forever’.

Special mention goes to the owl in the screencap above, who has managed to look truly creeped out by Aurora’s expression.

Disney a Day 1: Sleeping Beauty

Favourite Song: Once Upon a Dream.

I know, with Sleeping Beauty, there really isn’t very much competition for the best song, but there are a couple of noteworthy ones, and this is the one that sticks in my head, convincing me to sing it, despite the fact that my voice sounds terrible and doesn’t go that high.

I’m also a sucker for romance or something.  Yeah, something like that.  Besides, who can resist a melody that’s so easy to just sway and dance to as this? (Side note, they’re apparently waltzing at the end, which is a dance that wasn’t invented until 500 years after the film was set.  Whoops.)

Just a few gifs of Prince Phillip being the sarky sassy bitch that he is!!

Seriously, it’s rather sad how Phillip often gets written off as a drone with no personality (like those other classic Disney princes that shall not be named), but people tend to forget that he’s not just a plot device like those characters are, he gets a real personality.  He’s a witty, sassy, spirited chap, and that shines through in the first part of the film (another quality that the unnamed princes didn’t have, being in the first half of the film).  It disappoints me every time someone says ‘the classic Disney princes have no personalities’, because this one did have a personality, and it was awesome!

edit:  After posting this, I decided to do ‘A Disney a day’, which is a challenge I’m setting myself to post a bunch of stuff about one Disney film per day, in order to give my blog some kind of schedule, so if you’re following me and hate Disney, I apologise sincerely.  I won’t be doing it every day, because some days I just won’t be up to it, but I’ll attempt most days, and I’ll also attempt to be interesting.  So, Day 1 of A Disney a Day: Sleeping Beauty.

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